New Year's Resolutions for Gardeners

New Year's Resolutions for Gardeners

Get fit.
Gardening is a great workout! Gardening naturally strengthens the heart, builds endurance and increases flexibility.

Eat your greens.
Start an edible garden to incorporate more leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and herbs into your diet. Nothing is more satisfying than growing your own food!

Save food scraps for a nutrient-dense compost. You're not only reducing the amount of trash going into landfills, but you're increasing your garden's health, structure and growth. Likewise, if you have overgrown garden trees in your yard, you can hire a professional tree trimmer (such as an arborist jacksonville fl) to trim such branches and use them for composting.

Take this New Year's occasion to maintain your garden. If there are any ailing or damaged trees in your backyard, for example, you could get it fixed. Hiring professionals who can perform Tree Surgery and bring your trees back to health will restore your garden's prestige and avoid any rot from spreading.

Get the kids involved.
Teaching children where food comes from and how flowers and plants grow is not only educational, but a great way to spend quality time as a family.

Save money.
Growing your own food can reduce the amount of money spent on groceries. Seeds are dirt cheap, and watching a plant grow from seed is one of nature's miracles that never ceases to amaze. Check out our fresh Weekly Sales as well.

Make improvements.
Set aside time to make improvements as much as you can. Maybe you have an indoor garden, how can you make it look better? Clean the surrounding, keep the walls painted by calling a company like My House Painter, check for leeches and keep other pests under control.

Embrace sustainable design.
If you're dreaming up a new garden or thinking of upgrading with new hardscape, consider installing a rainwater-capturing system, growing natives or going xeric. Our Landscape Designer is full of great ideas!

Plant natives and welcome pollinators.
Plants native to your region are always a great choice. They're climate-friendly, low-maintenance and (bonus!) they attract beautiful birds, butterflies and bees.

Pest control and wildlife removal
It is common for gardens to harbor unwanted plants that attract pests like ladybugs, mealybug destroyers, and green lacewing larvae. These pests can destroy flowering plants and must be removed promptly. Additionally, wildlife such as bats, mice, and squirrels can damage trees by removing the bark and damaging their roots. For the removal of such animals, it might be necessary to hire a Squirrel Removal company (or an equivalent firm).

Bring greenery indoors.
Houseplants are not only an eye-catching addition to your home, they literally clean the air! Houseplants increase oxygen levels for easier breathing and produce humidity to ward off respiratory issues.

Try something new!
Part of the fun of gardening is challenging yourself with something you've never done before. Plant that rose garden! Build that raised bed! And don't forget to stop by our free Osuna University gardening education classes Saturdays in Spring.

What are your resolutions this year? Comment below. We'd love to hear them!