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Science Fair

Science Fair

School’s back in session and we’ve got SCIENCE FAIR on the brain!
Check out these sales—everything you need for that A+ project—and check below for some ideas!

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Plants & Succulents

Does sound (music, noise, etc.) affect plant growth?

Example: Compare plant growth between plants played classical music, plants in a quiet area and plants in a loud or crowded area.

How long can different plants survive without sunlight and water?

How well do plants grow under artificial light compared to sunlight?

Can a plant survive on orange juice (or another liquid) rather than water? Does caffeine affect plant growth?

Venus Flytrap

How does a venus flytrap work? What food substances does it prefer? Do carnivorous plants prefer certain insects?

Example: Feed each venus flytrap plant a different item (flies, hamburger meat, mac ‘n cheese… you name it). Record plant information like health, height, color and more to see what promotes venus flytrap growth the best.


Does seed size affect plant height?

Does fruit size affect the number of seeds in the fruit?

Plant Fertilizers

Do fertilizers extend plant life when the plant is deprived of water?

Compare plants grown with and without nitrogen.

Which fertilizers work best for plant growth?