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Water Authority Treebate

Water Authority Treebate

Looking to plant some trees this Fall? Take advantage of the Water Authority's “Tree-Bate” rebate program! They will give you 25% of the cost of trees, compost and mulch back as credit on your water bill!

How to get your treebate

  1. Purchase an eligible tree,* compost, fertilizers and/or mulch.
  2. Go to the Water Authority's rebate website. Login or create an account with your Water Authority account number.
  3. Click "Apply Now" on the Treebate button. Fill out the application with information such as tree type, date purchased, cost, etc.
  4. Upload an itemized receipt or a receipt along with the tree's tag that clearly states the tree type and price.
  5. Check your rebate summary to see how much you're going to get back!
  6. Click "Submit Application." You did it!

Fine print

*The tree must be low to medium water use. See list of eligible trees in the Xeriscaping Guide or ask an Osuna Nursery employee.

You must be a Water Authority customer.

Application and proof of purchase must be submitted within 90 days of purchase.

The rebate is credited within 1-2 billing cycles to the Water Authority account at the address the tree(s) were planted.

The maximum rebate is $100 (residential) and $500 (commercial) per fiscal year. The fiscal year resets July 1st.

For more information visit 505Outside.com.