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Christmas Cactus Care

Christmas Cactus Care

The Christmas Cactus is a beautiful succulent houseplant that gets its name from the time of year it blooms. Stop by to pick up a Christmas Cactus for a gift or for yourself, and keep reading for care instructions!

Christmas Cactus Care

  • Keep them in filtered light. For most of the year, keep them in bright, indirect light.
  • Only repot every two to three years. Repot them in spring or early summer, never in fall when trying to get them to set buds.
  • Check water weekly and do not overwater. Water only when the top inches of soil feels dry. Water until liquid runs through and out the pot.
  • Apply a water-soluble fertilizer. Apply a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer when new growth appears, between spring and fall. Do not fertilize when trying to get your cactus to bloom.
  • Prune. Prune if your plant is getting too large or leggy. Propagate the cuttings by letting the pieces sit for a few days to callus, then plant into a pot with cactus mix!

How to Get a Christmas Cactus to Bloom

  • Cut back watering. Cut back watering in fall to trigger dormancy.
  • Put in a dark cool, place for 6-8 weeks. Place your Christmas Cactus is a dark and cool closet, or cover with a dark cloth 12 to 14 hours a day. Temperature should not exceed 55 degrees. Buds should begin to form in 6-8 weeks. (Alternatively, if the night temperature is 50 to 55 degrees for 2-4 weeks, a Christmas cactus will usually bloom on its own.)
  • Relocate. Once buds have formed, move your Christmas Cactus back to it’s original location in filtered light.
  • Resume regular watering.
  • Enjoy!

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