Fall Color Guide

Fall is a great time to plant due to cooler temperatures that reduce stress upon planting as well as allow a plant’s roots to establish. In the spring time, the plant can thrive in its established home and dazzle your space. This fall color guide will educate you on the different types of plants available at Osuna Nursery, as well as give ideas for trees that will work in your space.

Below are a few of our favorite plants for the fall season.

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees retain their foliage through all seasons, limiting their care and maintenance.

• Austrian Pines are an excellent fast-growing evergreen that is very hardy and thrives in New Mexico's environment. This tree can also be used as a windbreak.

• Pinon Pines are also a great recommendation; they are a fast-growing, native plant that can handle our diverse soils.

• For a softer look, check out the spruce family. There are many varieties ranging from the Fat Albert Spruce , which is a dwarf variety that grows under 15’, compared to the Colorado Blue Spruce which can reach up to 40'. Spruces generally have attractive blue foliage that enhance most landscapes.

Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs do not shed their leaves during fall, adding year-round interest.

• Euonymous are attractive shrubs that come in a variety of sizes and colors providing great seasonal interest.

• Boxwoods are an ideal evergreen shrub for hedges, topiaries, or as individual plants making them for all landscapes.

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees shed their leaves during fall. As temperatures cool, these trees will change to various shades of yellow, red, orange and purple.

• The Raywood Ash is an excellent shade tree with rich red fall color. It is drought tolerant and grows up to 1-2' per year.

• The Chinese Pistache is popular for its attractive red foliage during fall. It is fast-growing and included on the city’s rebate list for drought tolerant trees.

• For a tree with broader leaves try the Modesto Ash, a drought tolerant tree that is incredibly cold hardy. It also provides great shade during summer and has yellow fall color.

Deciduous Shrubs

Deciduous shrubs shed their leaves with cooler temperatures, but most produce gorgeous flowers during spring or summer.

• The Burning Bush is known for its blazing orange and red-colored foliage, perfect for livening up the garden. It can be pruned to desired size.

• The Barberry is another shrub that has leaves that turn red in the fall. Certain varieties will produce berries that are known to attract wildlife.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are also deciduous, but produce delicious edible fruit. Some trees may take years to produce while others can produce in the first growing season.

• Peaches are a popular choice for customers. The Elberta Peach is cold hardy and produces large juicy fruit, making it America’s most popular peach!

• The Stella Cherry tree produces a sweet fruit. It is self-fertile, but can be used as a pollinator for sweet cherry trees.

Cool Season Veggies

Cool season veggies thrive in fall weather. Not only are they good to eat, but the different varieties can offer a rainbow of color for your garden.

• Lettuce is an easy vegetable to grow from seed and will thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade.

• Swiss Chard provides attractive multi-colored stems and leaves. It grows well in containers or in the ground.

• Collards are the hardiest of all cool season veggies. Characterized by dark, waxy green leaves, the harvest is sweetest when the plant experiences a light frost.

• Kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family with both edible stems and leaves. It is fast-growing and well-suited to cool weather.

Other vegetables include beets, broccoli, cabbage, spinach and ever-bearing strawberries amongst others.

Annuals & Perennials

There are a few brilliant plants that add fall color to your yard with the cooler temperatures.

• Pansies are always the stars of the season with a variety of colors in bloom. Pansies will survive through winter weather as well and will tough out the snow, more than most New Mexicans.

• Mums are profuse blooming perennials that come in a tremendous variety of bloom colors and shapes.

• Heuchera/Coral Bells are a perfect addition to any shade to partial shade fall garden as the foliage comes in a great assortment of colors. The striking spires of red blooms are attractive to hummingbirds and the foliage is deer resistant.

• Plumbago blooms striking blue flowers through summer and fall with a fast-growing and can be used as a ground cover.

• Gaillardia comes shades of orange and yellow with a long bloom season ranging from spring to fall. It is deer resistant and perfect for hot sunny gardens.

• Sedum can serve well as a groundcover or upright plant. A drought tolerant succulent, many varieties are evergreen with a range of reds, pinks, and purples that will occur following cooler temperatures.