Fall Color Tree Guide

Fall is an excellent time to plant trees and shrubs. The cooler temperatures lead to less transplant shock and allow for a better-developed root system, which in turn will lead to an exceptional amount of new growth in spring. It is also the time of year when the trees start to color up with some remarkable displays of color. As the temperature drops and the sugars begin to break down in the leaf structure, we get stunning shades of reds, yellows and oranges. Below is a fall color tree guide by color.

Red Trees

Autumn Purple Ash (purple-red)
Cimmaron Ash
Raywood Ash (purple-red)
Canada Red Chokecherry
Royal Raindrops Crabapple
Frontier Elm
Washington Hawthorn
Autumn Blaze Maple
Big Tooth Maple
Flame Amur Maple
October Glory Maple
Paperbark Maple
Redpoint Maple
Sensation Maple
Crimson Spire Oak
Red Oak
Scarlet Oak
Shumard Oak
Texas Red Oak
Persia Parrotia*
Aristocrat Pear
Bradford Pear
Capitol Pear
Chanticleer Pear
Chinese Pistache*
Autumn Brilliance
Red Rage Tupelo
Village Green Zelkova

Orange Trees

European Mountain Ash
Urbanite Ash (bronze-orange)
Kwanzan Cherry
Allee Elm
Thornless Cockspur Hawthorn
Korean Sun Pear
Worplesdon Sweetgum (purple-orange)
Green Vase Zelkova

Yellow Trees

Arizona Ash
Berrinda Ash
Golden Desert Ash
Marshall Ash
Modesto Ash
Patmore Ash
Jacquemontii Birch
River Birch
Northern Catalpa
Yoshino Cherry
Emerald Sunshine Elm
Jack Pear
Golden Rain Tree
Kentucky Coffee Tree
European Hornbeam
Eastern Redbud
Oklahoma Redbud
Tulip Tree

*Trees with multiple fall colors