Freeze Warning Guide

Freeze Warning Guide

April into May can be a tricky time of year! Here are a few tips to help you protect your new plants and/or your plants with tender new growth from a damaging freeze!

Each year is different, but our average last frost date is April 15th, and our average first frost date is October 30th.

Know what your temperatures are going to be at night by looking it up on your phone, computer, news or newspaper. Freeze damage can occur at 32 degrees. Damage will depend on how long the temperature drops, the species of plant, if the plant is in a protected area, and if the plant has been hardened to withstand the outside nighttime temperature.

Frost cloth, bed sheets, blankets, towels, inverted cardboard boxes, newspapers or even an inverted milk jug with the bottom cut off can be used to cover your tender plants. Use stakes to prevent the material from touching or breaking your plants. Plastic is not recommended. Low planting can be covered with mulch, straw or leaves. Remove coverings when temperatures rise the next day.

Keep your plants healthy with a consistant watering schedule. A wet freeze is better than a dry freeze, as moist soil will stay warmer than dry soil.

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