Growing Guide: Potato Seedling Guide

Potato Seedling Guide

When: 2-3 weeks before average last frost date in your area. Albuquerque’s average last frost is April 20th.

Method: Plant whole potato or cut into pieces with 1-3 eyes in each piece. The more eyes in each piece will produce a larger quantity but will be smaller. Less eyes means less harvest but larger fruit. If cutting seedling potato in pieces, cut a few days prior to planting to prevent disease.

Place seedling potatoes 4” deep with 12” apart in each row, eyes up. Keep rows 2-3’ apart. Make sure they will receive 6-8 hours of sun.

Soil: Well-drained loose soil. Mix in compost for added nutrients.

Hilling: Once potato plants are 6-8” tall, hoe dirt around the base of the plant and over the roots to protect it from the sun and give support. If roots are exposed, they will turn green and give a bitter taste to the potato. Do this every few weeks to protect your plant.

Harvest when potato plants have flowered, about 8 weeks after planting.

Regular Water, Full Sun

Potato Types & Culinary Use

Blue Potatoes: Boil, steam, bake, mash, roast or add to a salad. Nutty flavor. Medium starch.

Red Potatoes: Add to soups, salads or stew. Boil, sauté or roast. Low Starch.

Russet Potatoes: Great in all forms, especially mashed, roasted or as fries. Try as potato pancakes. High starch.

Yellow Potato: All-purpose potato with a buttery flavor. Boil, mash, steam, bake, roast or as fries. Medium starch.