Growing Guide: Pumpkins

Growing Pumpkins


Pumpkins are a tasty vegetable from the gourd family, native to North America. Many varieties of pumpkins are made every year, each with it's own personality. Pumpkins are edible, usually setting the tone for fall in food items such as soups, purees, pies, warm drinks and more! They are also great source of Vitamin A.

The tradition of carving pumpkins came when the Irish immigrated to America. For hundreds of years prior, they would carve turnips or potatoes. Once in America, they saw that the pumpkin was perfect for carving because of its thick skin and durability.

Growing Pumpkins

This unique vegetable loves rich soil and a long growing season, perfect for the Albuquerque environment. Plant by sowing seeds after last chance of frost (April 18 for the Albuquerque area), or with a starter plant. Place in full sun and keep a consistent watering schedule. Pumpkins require an average of 5 feet x 5 feet of space depending on variety, so be sure set aside an appropriate amount of space.

Harvest once the skin has darkened and become hard. Once it has harden, carefully cut the pumpkin off the vine.