Growing Guide: Rose Care

Basic Rose Care


When transplanting your container rose, be sure not to break the rootball. Dig your hole same depth as pot and twice as wide. Fill with nutrient-rich soil such as compost.


Once transplanted, water everyday for 10-14 days to establish plant. After this, create a regular watering schedule and avoid excess water. Do not water rose buds or foliage.


Apply a granular, slow-release fertilizer before roses bloom, after and during mid-summer. Don't fertilize after mid-August.


Deadhead your spend flowers. Cut at a 45-degree angle directly above the first group of five leaflets. This promotes healthy growth and a longer bloom season.


Prune in early spring while roses are still dormant. Shape them for openess and good air circulation. Remove any branches that are crossing or bearing weight on other branches. Don't remove more than 1/3 of the rose bush at a time. Cut right above a leaf node at a 45-degree angle. Seal with Elmer's glue within 30 seconds of making each cut.