Growing Guide: Tree Planting

Tree Planting Guide

  1. Dig a hole twice as wide but only as deep as the container.
  2. Mix the soil from the hole with Back To Earth compost and/or peat moss at a ratio of 1:3 to 1:2.
  3. Gently remove plant from container and loosen roots.
  4. Set plant in hole at ground level and fill with prepared soil mixture
  5. Build a berm of soil around the hole, a little wider than the original container. Water to soak deeply. Apply a root stimulator solution.
  6. Water everyday for up to 2 weeks, then every other day. Water once a week in the winter.
  7. Watering Schedule:
    1x a week in March
    2x a week in April & May
    3x a week in June, July, Aug
    2x a week in Sept & Oct
    1x a week in Nov
    1x a month in Dec, Jan, Feb

We recommend the Utah State University guide
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