Imitrex Online

Imitrex (Sumatriptan, Treximet, Onzetra Xsail, Zembrace Symtouch, et cetera) is a tryptamine-based medication. Physicians use it to treat migraines and cluster headaches. The drug relieves migraine symptoms and acts on substances that may trigger the migraines. It only treats cluster headaches or migraines. It does not prevent migraines from occurring.



Imitrex is a popular anti-migraine (Triptans) medication doctors prescribe to help patients manage their migraine symptoms because of Sumatriptan. The ingredient is an agonist of serotonin receptors that aid individuals in alleviating the signs of migraines. The medicine works by narrowing the blood vessels within the brain and helps to relieve migraine symptoms such as headache, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound.

It only relieves cluster headaches or migraine symptoms. 

The drug does not prevent headaches or migraine attacks from happening in the future. The medication comes in three forms. 

  • Injection – the injectable version is available in 6 mg dosing. 
  • Tablet- you’ll get 25, 50, or 100 mg tablets. 
  • A Nasal spray- it comes in 5mg or 20 mg. 

Mechanism of Imitrex in the body

When a migraine occurs, the blood vessels in the brain become dilated. The dilation can cause pain and inflammation. Imitrex comes in handy when the migraine symptoms knock in. It relieves migraines or other cluster headaches by narrowing blood vessels in the brain. It does this by activating serotonin receptors. The constriction reduces inflammation. It also stops pain signals associated with migraines or cluster headaches by blocking the substances that cause pain and other migraine symptoms. 

Plasma Concentration and Absorption

The onset of the Imitrex effect can vary depending on the method of administration. Injections and nasal sprays generally take effect within 15 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, tablets take about 1 to 2 hours to take effect. Nonetheless, the drug remains effective for two hours before its concentration reduces by half, which means the body expels it relatively quickly.

The liver quickly breaks down Imitrex to its metabolites (indole acetic acid glucuronide and indole acetic acid). The body eventually excretes them primarily via urine.


Imitrex is available in several different forms. You can get it as a tablet, nasal spray, and injection. You can get the tablet form of this medication in 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg dosages. The nasal spray form is available in 5 mg and 20 mg doses. Additionally, pre-filled syringes are an option for the injection form. The pre-filled syringe will have 4 or 6 mg of sumatriptan succinate. 

Its plasma concentration will peak within two hours if you consume it orally. The half-life of Imitrex is approximately two hours, which means that the body gets rid of it relatively quickly. 

Indications and precautions to taking Imitrex

Indications of Imitrex include:

  1. Migraine headaches: In adults, Imitrex can treat acute migraine attacks, whether they occur with or without aura. 
  2. Physicians prescribe Imitrex for the immediate treatment of episodes of cluster headaches in adult patients who present intense headaches that occur in clusters over weeks or months.
  3. Physicians may also prescribe Imitrex to treat other conditions that cause headaches, such as a headache caused by a brain tumor or a headache caused by exertion.

Imitrex does not prevent migraine attacks or the prophylactic treatment of cluster headaches. Establish a definite diagnosis of migraine or cluster headache before using Imitrex. It is important to advise patients to use the medication immediately if they experience symptoms of a migraine or cluster headache. The highest permissible prescription of Imitrex is 200 mg within a 24-hour timeframe. 

Individuals with ischemic heart disease like angina pectoris, previous myocardial infarction, documented silent ischemia, Prinzmetal’s angina, uncontrolled hypertension, or other significant cardiovascular diseases should not use Imitrex. Patients with a record of stroke or TIA, peripheral vascular disease, or hemiplegic or basilar migraine should also not use the medication. 

To guarantee safety while using Imitrex, take note of these general precautions:

  1. Ensure you inform your medical Fder before taking Imitrex if you have any allergies to sulfa drugs.
  2. Beware that Imitrex may lead to feeling sleepy. Therefore, don’t from driving or using heavy machinery until you understand how the medication affects you.
  3. Do not take Imitrex with any other medication that contains ergotamine or its derivatives.
  4. Imitrex can cause an increase in blood pressure. Therefore, monitor your blood pressure frequently when you are using it.
  5. If you have a past medical record of heart disease or hypertension, or if you are currently taking medications for these conditions, make sure to inform your doctor before taking Imitrex.
  6. If you have taken a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) in the last 14 days, avoid taking Imitrex.
  7. Seek medical attention immediately if you experience chest pain, tightness, discomfort, shortness of breath, or other heart attack symptoms.
  8. Inform your healthcare advisor before taking Imitrex if you are expecting a baby or breastfeeding.

Imitrex should not interact with ergotamine-containing or ergot-type medications, including methysergide or other triptan medications. The concomitant use of Imitrex and MAO inhibitors or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) can also lead to serious adverse events such as serotonin syndrome.

Side Effects

Imitrex is associated with some set of side effects which include:

  1. nausea 
  2. vomiting 
  3. dizziness 
  4. drowsiness 
  5. injection site reactions. 

These side effects are usually mild to moderate in severity and resolve within a few hours. 

Less common side effects include

  1. Chest pain 
  2. Tightness or pressure
  3. Neck, jaw, or throat pain or tightness 
  4. Tingling 
  5. Numbness or weakness in limbs 
  6. Shortness of breath  
  7. Vision changes. 

It is crucial to inform the prescribing doctor immediately if these symptoms occur.

Summing Up

Imitrex is a medication that manages migraines and cluster headaches. The mechanism of action of Imitrex involves the constriction of blood vessels located in the brain resulting in the alleviation of migraine symptoms. This medication is available in various tablets, nasal sprays, and injection forms. Use this medication only after getting a migraine or cluster headache diagnosis. Patients with specific medical conditions need to be cautious. Generally, the side effects are mild to moderate and usually disappear within a few hours. Patients should report any severe or unusual side effects to their physician immediately.