Monthly Gardening Tips

November 2019


  • Gradually cut back on watering as the temperature goes down.
  • Water lawns and gardens once a week.
  • Water established trees, slowly and deeply, once a month.
  • Water fruit trees once a week.
  • Water shrubs once a week.
  • Water annuals, perennials and assorted plants in containers once a week depending on pot size and temperature.
  • As always, new plantings will require more water the first year.
  • Winterize sprinkler systems as needed and reset timers to once a week.


  • Fertilize cool-season container gardens with a high-phosphorus blooming formula monthly for continuous blooms throughout the winter.
  • Fertilize your cool-season vegetables with a good organic vegetable food.

Yard And Garden

  • Plant or refresh your containers with cool-season annuals, such as pansies, mums, ornamental kale, perennials and small shrubs. Remember the saying, “Thriller, Filler and Spiller!”
  • Plant trees and shrubs now so they will establish good roots during winter.
  • Clean waterfall, ponds and fountains for winter. Set pond plants deeper in pond to prevent freezing.
  • Plant Amaryllis and Paperwhite bulbs for indoor holiday flowering. Decorate with poinsettias and Christmas cactus later in the month.
  • Leave foliage on perennials as it will protect the roots during winter.

Insects And Diseases

  • Bring samples of insects or damaged plants in plastic bags to our pharmacy area for solutions. (We can also identify plants for you!)
  • Rake leaves especially on lawns. Wet leaves can block light and increase the chance of disease.


  • Protect cool-season vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, lettuce and spinach in cold frames or with frost cloth.


  • Clean and winterize gardening tools and store for the winter.
  • Stop by Saturday, November 23rd for our annual Christmas Open House! We’ll have big savings and sweet treats!