Park Blend Grass

The following information was acquired from Gardner Turfgrass, Inc.

Park Blend is a cool season grass grown by Gardner Turfgrass, Inc. It is a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass, Ryegrass and Tall Fescue rhizomatous tall fescue. It combines all the positive attributes of all three grasses in one turf. Park Blend performs beautifully through warm summers and is especially well-suited to New Mexico's growing conditions.

Applications: Park Blend is used for both residential and commercial lawns.
Color: Rich, medium to dark green
Texture: Medium-fine blades, with high grass plant density for luxurious sod formation; superior weed and disease resistance

Frequency: 1-2 times per week

Watering: Newly planted sod should be watered daily and socked thoroughly to a depth of 3 inches for the first 10-14 days to avoid dry out. Thereafter as needed to prevent visual wilt (blue-gray hue).

N Fertilization: 0.1-0.5 pounds of actual N per 1,000 sq ft per growing month when combined with recommended phospherous potassium. Avoid N applications during hot dry months (July-August). This will only increase plant demands for water.

Soils: Grows well in heavy clay to sandy soils. Above average tolerance to acidic, alkaline, saline or poorly drained soils.
pH Tolerance: Wide Range: 4.7-8.5
Wear Tolerance: Recovers quickly from occasional abuse better than most grasses. Park Blend is specifically produced to handle those tough to handle situations.
Shade Tolerance: Thrives in sunny locations, yet tolerates more shade than bluegrass alone at 2.5 inch mowing height.

Insect Pest Tolerance: Park Blend contains endophytes increasing resistance to surface feeding insects and many diseases.