Watering Houseplants

Watering Houseplants

Are you a plant parent wondering how much water your houseplants need?You may be surprised to know that the number one killer of houseplants is overwatering! Many houseplants actually benefit from drying out a bit between waterings.

So how can you tell when a plant really needs water? Here are some tips!

  • Stick your finger in the soil. If you go in an inch or two deep and you feel moisture, the plant does not need watering.
  • Watch for changes in leaf color and sheen. A shift from deep green and glossy to bluish green and dull can signal oncoming wilt.
  • Test it by its weight. Lift the pot and gauge its heft. If a potted plant feels light, it’s dry. If it feels heavy, the soil is probably still damp.
  • A super-dry plant can be difficult to rehydrate. Try double watering the plant—water well, wait awhile, then repeat.

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