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Rose Varieties for Your Garden

Rose Varieties for Your Garden

Hybrid Tea Roses
Hybrid tea roses are one of the most popular varieties. Bountiful blooms sprout from long stems with 30-50 petals, growing 3-6’ tall and creating a dazzling display in any garden. Blooms are available in most colors except blue and black.
Pictured: Chicago Peace

Floribunda Roses
Floribunda roses bear their flowers in large clusters and bloom continuously (whereas hybrid teas and grandifloras bloom in 6-7 week cycles). Foribundas are one of the easiest rose varieties to care for and are ideal for mixed borders and large bed plantings.
Pictured: Celestial Nights

Shrub Roses
Shrub roses tend to sprawl wide and large, anywhere from 5 to 15’ in every direction. They are notable for their cold hardiness and vigorous production of flower clusters.
Pictured: Oranges 'n' Lemons

Climbing Roses
Climbing roses have sturdy, upright, arching canes that can be trained onto fences, trellises, arbors and pergolas. These canes can grow up to 15’, producing large blooms that are almost always repeat bloomers. 
Pictured: Joseph's Coat

Grandiflora Roses
Grandiflora roses are a mix of reblooming Floribunda paired with the clustered blooms of Hybrid Tea roses. This type of rose is often very tall.
Pictured: All Dressed Up

Miniature Roses
A form of the hybrid tea or grandiflora rose, miniature roses are typically shorter and more compact. Miniature roses can grow anywhere from 15-30” and work well in containers on decks and patios.
Pictured: Tiddly Winks

Groundcover Roses
Groundcover roses work well as a space filler, sprawling outward as they grow no higher than 3’. Groundcover roses are low-maintenance, both disease- and pest-resistant and offer continuous flowering.
Pictured: Red Ribbons

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