Osuna Nursery Staff

Myong An: Owner & Co-Founder
Myong is the owner and co-founder of Osuna Nursery with her late husband, Chang. She enjoys golfing and hiking in her free time.

Jason Seo: General Manager
Jason has dedicated 10 years and counting to Osuna Nursery and is always striving to make the company the best it can be. He enjoys golfing and spending time with his beloved family.

Sondra Gordon: Receiving Supervisor
Sondra’s experience in retail receiving in New York and New Mexico has given her the tools necessary that we desire at Osuna Nursery. In her free time she likes reading, photography and canning delicious foods, as known by her co-workers.

Shannon C: Art + Marketing Director
Shannon has over 10 years of graphic design and animation experience for network television, commercials and small businesses.